An example of using the style transfer guide

Welcome to the complete Style Transfer Guide. This is a tutorial on how to perform style transfer yourself with zero coding ability. As you can see here, a style transfer makes one image (the “content”) in the “style” of another. This would be really time consuming to do manually, so machine learning can be used instead. We discuss the original style transfer method here. Let’s get started.

Style Transfer Guide Method 1: NumArt (fast, no Sign Up)

How to use NumArt to perform a style transfer
NumArt style transfer tutorial

The fastest and easiest way to do a style transfer is to head over to NumArt and upload your two images. You can also just click “Stylize” to see how it works with the two example images. The first image is the content and the second is the style, AKA the first image will be drawn in the style of the second.

If you have an image but don’t have any ideas for a style, try NumArt Creator and make a cool painting! Mess with the buttons at the top and click “Style your image with this” to take a snapshot and apply it to one of your photos

Method 2: Algorithmia (slower, no Sign Up)

How to use Algorithmia to perform a style transfer
Algorithmia style transfer tutorial

The website Algorithmia also offers an in-browser style transfer. Just visit the link and upload your image that you want to style. You can also click one of the sample images to see some examples.

There are two primary drawbacks, however. First is that you cannot choose a custom style; you have to use one of the styles they provide. Second is that it takes longer than NumArt, and it has a harder time on mobile devices.

Method 3: Deep Dream Generator (slowest, requires Sign Up)

Google’s offshoot Deep Dream Generator has some of the most robust style transfer in browser you can find. You can tweak tons of different settings to get the exact output you want.

On the downside, it takes much, much longer to run. Depending on the image size, it can take upwards of 30 minutes. Additionally, unless you pay for premium, you will be resolution limited. You also need to create an account before you can try any style transfers.

Style Transfer Guide Conclusion

Thanks for reading the style transfer guide! Here are the pros and cons for each of the three style transfer methods:



  • Easy
  • Fast
  • Good results
  • No account needed (optional Sign Up)
  • Runs well on mobile
  • Custom styles
  • Create Your Own Style


  • None



  • Easy
  • Decent results
  • Runs okay on mobile


  • No custom styles
  • Slower than NumArt

Deep Dream Generator


  • Great results
  • Can tweak settings
  • Saves all your past style transfers


  • Can take 30 minutes or more
  • Account required
  • Resolution limited